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  • bhaugen32
    Sep 1, 2002
      Mark Baker
      > I just talked to my wife (a lawyer) about this, and what we
      > pretty much jives with what I've said in this thread.

      Please pass on thanks to your wife.

      > Basically, if one
      > contract depends on some detail of another, then either a)
      reference it
      > if the referencing system can guarantee that dereferencing it will
      > always produce the identical contract, or b) include the other
      > as an attachment. She said it's easier to include as an attachment
      > to try to cut and paste chunks out of it, because some context may
      > lost in doing so.

      That's different from the situation I thought we were discussing.
      (Although some of the same principles would apply.)

      The two situations:
      1. One contract refers to another contract (as above).
      2. Messages about contract fulfillment events (e.g. deliveries of
      goods and services or payments) refer to governing contract clauses
      (as I thought we were discussing).

      The usual practice with deliveries is to refer to the governing
      contract (e.g. purchase order) by order ID (maybe + line number), not
      to attach the whole PO. I expect the same would work for REST.

      > The difference there from my previous statements, is that it's safe
      > use a reference in the case where the details of the other contract
      > matter, iff it can be guaranteed to always refer to exactly that
      > contract.

      Yes, and don't you think something like Paul's reference format (URI
      + hash) is the way to do it?

      > Maybe some examples would help ...

      Coming up...

      -Bob Haugen
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