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19676Re: [rest-discuss] RESTful Toggle

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  • Simpson, Robby (GE Energy Management)
    Jul 9, 2014
      Hi Erik!

      On 7/9/14, 11:39 AM, "Erik Wilde" <dret@...> wrote:

      >hello robby.
      >On 2014-07-09, 17:29 , 'Simpson, Robby (GE Energy Management)'
      >robby.simpson@... [rest-discuss] wrote:
      >> This particular issue has arisen in the design of home automation
      >>systems. Specifically, I'm working in a standards body (the ZigBee
      >>Alliance) that has classically used a binary protocol that does not
      >>really adhere to any true architectural design (IMHO). I've been
      >>engaged in work that started in ZigBee and has now moved to IEEE
      >>(2030.5) that (attempts to) rigidly stick to a RESTful HTTP design. One
      >>request that has come up is to port toggle switch capability to this
      >>standard. Home automation manufacturers have actually implemented
      >>toggle switches this way in the past (see
      >it sounds like the scenario we were talking about, that all you want is
      >to tell the resource to "reverse its state". in this case, i'd POST a
      >body that represents this request, in whatever serialization you happen
      >to prefer. the resource toggles. everybody's happy.

      OK. Still seems like a bit of a departure from typical RESTful interfaces
      I've seen and has the potential to be a catch-all tunnel for RPC-style

      /command, where one could POST all sorts of commands like "toggle."

      >but i am confused because you wrote earlier that you were concerned
      >about race conditions. which seems to imply that instead of just
      >toggling, you're also assuming that you're "toggling *from* some state".
      >but that wouldn't be the "blind toggle" we discussed. could you clarify
      >a bit how exactly the operation that you're trying to design is defined?

      Apologies, a blind toggle is what is desired. As it currently works, in
      the current binary protocol, a button press on a toggle switch simply
      sends a "toggle" command.

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