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19675Re: [rest-discuss] RESTful Toggle

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  • Erik Wilde
    Jul 9 8:39 AM
      hello robby.

      On 2014-07-09, 17:29 , 'Simpson, Robby (GE Energy Management)'
      robby.simpson@... [rest-discuss] wrote:
      > This particular issue has arisen in the design of home automation systems. Specifically, I'm working in a standards body (the ZigBee Alliance) that has classically used a binary protocol that does not really adhere to any true architectural design (IMHO). I've been engaged in work that started in ZigBee and has now moved to IEEE (2030.5) that (attempts to) rigidly stick to a RESTful HTTP design. One request that has come up is to port toggle switch capability to this standard. Home automation manufacturers have actually implemented toggle switches this way in the past (see http://zigbee.org/Products/ByStandard/ZigBeeHomeAutomation.aspx).

      it sounds like the scenario we were talking about, that all you want is
      to tell the resource to "reverse its state". in this case, i'd POST a
      body that represents this request, in whatever serialization you happen
      to prefer. the resource toggles. everybody's happy.

      but i am confused because you wrote earlier that you were concerned
      about race conditions. which seems to imply that instead of just
      toggling, you're also assuming that you're "toggling *from* some state".
      but that wouldn't be the "blind toggle" we discussed. could you clarify
      a bit how exactly the operation that you're trying to design is defined?



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