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19643Reactive REST

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  • Michael Schuerig
    May 17, 2014
      The "reactive" buzzword has been conspicuously absent from this list.
      I'll try to fill this much needed gap.

      I've recently watched a presentation by Jafar Husain


      where he describes something he calls "Reactive REST". I agree on the
      "reactive", however I have doubts about the "REST". In this particular
      case, all communication between a client and a server is over persistent
      connection to a single endpoint. If there's anything resembling
      resources, they are not identified by URIs. The persistent connection
      IMHO is a case of "conversational" state that REST is rather opposed to.
      No HATEOAS in sight.

      What I'm pondering is whether an API can be RESTful and reactive at the
      same time or if is impossible as a matter of principle. AFAICT, a
      reactive API requires some way for the server to send events to the
      client. I don't think polling qualifies, which leaves a persistent
      connection. In effect, the server has to keep some amount of state for
      each session.

      Keeping session state has traditionally been regarded as a hindrance to
      scalability. Has technology advanced so much, eg with asynchronous,
      event-driven ("reactive") servers, that this is no longer a problem?

      Frankly, I'm lacking experience with systems where this kind of
      scalability would be required, so I'd happily use persistent
      connections, at least to begin with. Nonetheless, I'm interested in your


      Michael Schuerig
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