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  • skyflymat
    May 7, 2014
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      Several question:

            1. How does REST treat the notion of alternate presentation views for resource instances?

      For example suppose you want to model various views of a “Report” such as “Pie Chart” / “Histogram” .. that all share a common media type (text/html). How would such scenario be implemented using HTTP in RESTful way? 

      2.  Are resources required to expose a public URL or can they be thought of conceptually part of other resources Value Set without any URL?

      For example suppose that all Report views are modeled as dependent resource that are implicitly created when the client POSTS a Report to a Reports Collection, is there any requirement to maintain a URL for the Report resource instance itself such as /Reports/1 (assuming all access is limited through views) What would be a proper response to such HTTP POST ?


      3.    According to the URL RFC 3986 different query strings produce different resource identifiers, is there any advantage to model alternate view resources using path components over query parameters or vice versa, (seems like same thing) ?



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