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19630RE: [rest-discuss] Updated UBER spec doc

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  • Rushforth, Peter
    Mar 11, 2014
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      Hi Mike and Will, and Erik,


      I'm not convinced that using namespaces really gets you anything here.  You're developing an internet media type, so you are free to specify how it may /may not be extended.  MicroXML might in fact be all that you need.  Why complicate matters for unknown / unspecified requirements?  KISS



      Peter Rushforth


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      I know, I know, I like to just bang my drum and hear myself...uh..type, or something...however.

      Mike, please, now, if you're going to specify something for XML, give it an official namespace identifier, and REQUIRE/MUST it.

      The beauty of XML is that you can mix and mash it up, and you can't (easily) do that without a namespace.

      <uber xmlns="urn:uberisuber"> <data> ... </data> </uber>

      <u:uber xmlns:u="urn:uberisuber"> <u:data>...</u:data> </u:uber>

      <ü:uber xmlns:ü="urn:uberisuber"> <ü:data>...</ü:data> </ü:uber>

      (that would be annoying, but it's amusing in context...anyway...just an abbreviation, could be anything)


      Lots of folks don't namespace their data, and when used internally and privately, that's fine.

      But as soon as you start sharing it, or using it with other XML techs (XML Sig, SOAP, SAML, etc.)  things can get messy, especially for an overarching framework like you're proposing. The framework shouldn't interfere with the data.

      By getting this settled up front, you won't have to worry about legacy implementations (notably XSL) that rely upon your data not having a namespace breaking if/when you change it to add one. This is why you REQUIRE it, XML code is different if the elements are namespaced or not, un-namespaced and namespaced XML files aren't "the same".

      So, anyway, my 2 cents. I'll crawl back in to my hole.


      Will Hartung



      On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 1:40 PM, mike amundsen <mamund@...> wrote:


      I updated the spec docs for UBER ("Uniform Basis for Exchanging Representations") and posted the changes in a branch on github: https://rawgithub.com/mamund/media-types/spec-fixes/uber-hypermedia.html


      This covers most of the suggestions I've had to date on cleaning up the spec and making the JSON variant more canonical.



      Thanks for the contributions and looking forward to the feedback.



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