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19594Re: [rest-discuss] asking for multiple fragments from the same resource

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  • Matt McClure
    Feb 5, 2014
      Some rules of thumb that might help:

      1. Fragments are for client-side use. In general, the client shouldn't send the fragment portion of the URL to the server.
      2. Query strings are for both clients and servers. The server can expect the client to compose a query string from many parts.
      3. URI paths are for servers. The client should treat the path portion as opaque and avoid parsing it or composing it.
      4. There's a convention mentioned in RFC 3986 indicating to use ';' to separate the hierarchical portion of a URI path from a non-hierarchical part. Both parts remain opaque to the client; the distinction should only be meaningful to the server.

      On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 12:50 PM, <phpWalter@...> wrote:

      I have this resource...

      It returns 'n' pieces of data. I want to return only one "data_q"...

      easy enough. But what, in your view, should done if I want 3 pieces of data?

      I really don't think this is kosher...
      I really do't think asking for multiple fragments constitutes a query...

      I would love to hear your ideas.

      Thank you


      Matt McClure
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