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19564Re: [rest-discuss] Link Relations

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  • Steve Klabnik
    Nov 13, 2013
      On 11/11/2013 12:04 AM, Charles Reese wrote:
      > There are so many *bad* examples, it's hard to find good ones from which
      > to learn.

      An easy way to get started thinking about how to tackle these problems
      is WWWWWD? (What would the world wide web do?)

      I would have come to the same conclusion as Mike, but my initial thought
      process would have been like this: What websites do I use that tackle
      this kind of problem?

      In my brain, I go to https://www.beeminder.com/ . I use this to keep
      track of my DuoLingo scores, to make sure I'm keeping up with my German.

      So, if Beeminder gets out of whack, there's a little button I can press
      (read: hypermedia control) that says "re-sync data." That initiates a
      background process to re-fetch the data and make it match. It redirects
      back to the dashboard page, with a little "now syncing, check back
      later" and a graphic to indicate that the synching process is taking
      place. Said control is disabled until the process is done. In addition,
      this process runs once a day, even if I don't activate the control.

      Anyway, this isn't perfect in all cases, but I often find it a good
      starting point when thinking about how to model a particular kind of
      state machine.
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