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19463RE: [rest-discuss] conneg considered harmful

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  • Robert Brewer
    Jun 7, 2013
      Darrel Miller wrote:
      > For the record, here is a link [1] to Larry Masinter's
      > apology for pushing accept header based conneg and his
      > suggestion that it be deprecated. It is sad that this
      > email is from 2006 and yet here we are still...

      and mike amundsen replied:
      > second, it's not clear to me whether Larry is apologizing
      > for the conneg implementation details or the concept of
      > conneg itself. and i see nothing here regarding
      > client-driven conneg,

      It's clear if you read the whole thread. Larry retreats a bit to "Javascript detection does a better job than Accept", admitting that Accept-Language is doing a fine job, and Accept itself might be OK in non-scripted payloads/clients.

      Robert Brewer
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