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19461Re: [rest-discuss] conneg considered harmful

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  • Darrel Miller
    Jun 7, 2013
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      ...and just a couple more notes.  The last few updates to the Httpbis spec added some clarification to the subject including these paragraphs.
      Proactive negotiation has serious disadvantages:
         o  It is impossible for the server to accurately determine what might
            be "best" for any given user, since that would require complete
            knowledge of both the capabilities of the user agent and the
            intended use for the response (e.g., does the user want to view it
            on screen or print it on paper?);
         o  Having the user agent describe its capabilities in every request
            can be both very inefficient (given that only a small percentage
            of responses have multiple representations) and a potential risk
            to the user's privacy;
         o  It complicates the implementation of an origin server and the
            algorithms for generating responses to a request; and,
         o  It limits the reusability of responses for shared caching.


      In is also interesting to note that Fielding is working on a ID that describes a replacement for the vary header that solves some of the issues relating to caching negotiated responses.


      On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 8:39 AM, Darrel Miller <darrel.miller@...> wrote:
      For the record, here is a link [1] to Larry Masinter's apology for pushing accept header based conneg and his suggestion that it be deprecated.  It is sad that this email is from 2006 and yet here we are still...

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