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19450Re: [rest-discuss] the meaning of stateless

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  • Eric J. Bowman
    May 10, 2013
      Mark Baker wrote:
      > I concluded that I disagreed with Roy about the lack of visibility in
      > a POST message. Certainly POST semantics are entirely opaque beyond
      > the oft-discussed-here "process this" practically-transport semantic,
      > but that doesn't impact the meaning of the rest of the message for
      > many purposes, e.g. archival [...]

      I agree with Roy about POST lacking visibility, but agree with your
      point that this is no reason to throw the "REST" of the style to the
      breeze when using POST.

      My takeaway from Roy's post is that the style transcends the limitations
      of HTTP, so method choice when pragmatism mandates POST is less
      interesting than how the system works. IOW, I don't see much daylight
      between your position and Roy's.

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