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19247Re: [rest-discuss] API versioning

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  • Jørn Wildt
    Jan 8, 2013
      > the client just
      > needs to know how to manipulate generic hypertext controls.
      > What is it
      > about order processing that makes folks think the client needs to know
      > that it's processing an order?

      This is my mistake, using the term "client" wrongly, sorry. According to the dissertation, a client is the library that connects to the web - and the thing driving the client is the user agent.

      And that sort of explains it all ... yes, the client "just needs to know how to manipulate generic hypertext controls.". Let me rephrase my question:

      > > from where does the ***user agent*** get the
      > > information it needs to extract, say, the order sum, delivery
      > > address, order lines quantity and so on from the generic payload?

      But now we are are out of REST country. This is more about application specific details. REST is concerned with the interaction between the client and the server - it does not provide any guidance on how to implement the user agent.

      Thanks for your feedback - I had actually prepared two long e-mails before I got to this point, so you certainly got me thinking (as has happened before when reading your replies :-)


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