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19201Re: [rest-discuss] RESTful order-status API (was: URI design, part 2)

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  • Eric J. Bowman
    Dec 1, 2012
      Greg Young wrote:
      > /CRMapp?order=1&query=status
      > until intermediaries decide to ignore you because the ?
      > :(
      > They shouldn't but they do :)

      They're configurable, and while this may have been a problem in the
      past, I don't believe it to be anything but an edge case, now. URIs
      are opaque and should be considered in their entirety as cache keys.
      The best a developer can do, is design to REST -- my example certainly
      doesn't violate any constraints -- and let the deployed architecture
      catch up.

      There's much FUD out there about query strings, particularly in REST
      discussions, which amounts to unfounded myth. I see no reason to avoid
      query strings because they *might* be ignored by a small percentage of
      caches, economy of scale still kicks in vs. no-cache. So go ahead and
      treat URIs as opaque when doing REST development, the downside is
      more than compensated for by the upside, more so as time goes by.

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