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19193Re: [rest-discuss] URI design, part 2

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  • Eric J. Bowman
    Nov 30, 2012
      Nicholas Shanks wrote:
      > For reference, stackoverflow.com is a good place to go with these
      > sorts of questions. Many have already been asked in various forms,
      > you'll find the answers already provided.

      Pretty good answer, except for that... Welcome to rest-discuss! ;-)

      Here, the archives are full of list regulars being told directly by the
      likes of Roy and Mark dozens of times that we're wrong. Gradually,
      this group has become _the_ place to get schooled on REST as intended
      by Fielding. There, I don't see many answers from those who've put
      their knowledge to the test, here. What I do see are attempts to define
      REST in terms of implementation rather than style, i.e. Wikipedia REST,
      not Fielding REST.

      So pick the place that best suits your needs -- there if you want
      implementation, here if you want architecture; there is a difference,
      which comes down to the proportion of answers from those who've been
      "vetted" by Roy (and Mark, and others) over the years, and understand
      REST as an architectural style as opposed to implementation guidelines.

      Just my two cents.

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