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19182Re: [rest-discuss] API Keys

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  • C�at � G�ibhtheach�in
    Nov 29, 2012
      On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 02:16:50PM +0100, Erlend Hamnaberg wrote:

      > This seems to indicate that a User and Acces to the API is the same.
      > It is not in this case.

      This isn't the case, otherwise the likes of OAuth (which I mention
      later) wouldn't be possible.

      > Using Authorization was considered, but we need to use this for user
      > authentication. API authorization is a different step.
      > AFAIK you MAY NOT send multiple challenges back to the server.

      I think you might be missing the greater point I was trying to make,
      which were that an existing mechanism already exist (RFC 2617):

      > The WWW-Authenticate and Authorization headers exist for this very
      > purpose. In fact, RFC 2617 is designed to be extensible.

      In fact, is this very extensibility that OAuth is built upon. OAuth
      might not be ideal for your particular purpose, but RFC 2617 still
      exists to build upon to quite possibly do what you want.

      It's possible to build an RFC 2617 auth method that could potentially
      bundle multiple challenges in a single aggregate challenge. Including
      multiple 'WWW-Authenticate' and 'Authorization' headers is another
      matter, however.

      Without knowing more about how your system's access management
      requirements, it's hard to speculate further. I think it would be more
      valuable to propose an auth method built on top of RFC 2617 to support
      your requirements rather than a whole new header.

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