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18945Re: [rest-discuss] CherryPy and REST: REST vs RPC and CherryPy dispatch methods

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  • Mike Kelly
    Aug 3, 2012

      On 3 Aug 2012, at 19:35, Nick Gall <nick.gall@...> wrote:


      I've never heard that one style of dispatching is more "RESTful" than another. What most differentiates REST from RPC is the what as known as the hypermedia constraint. 

      Hmm, as far as I can tell, REST's main source of differentiation from RPC is the combination of self descriptive messaging and layered constraint which produces a system in which applications are designed as network-visible interactions as opposed to the non-visible invocations you get from RPC. All of the uniform interface subconstraints separate REST from RPC but I think self descriptive messaging is the key one from that pov

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