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18908Re: [rest-discuss] API errors and media-types

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  • Moore, Jonathan (CIM)
    Jul 1, 2012
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      I hadn't thought about using custom media types for errors, but I have run across the Webmachine behavior you mentioned, and believe it to be a bug. Although sending a 415 when the client does not accept the "natural" media type served with another error (409 in your case) is unconditionally compliant with HTTP/1.1, this SHOULD is specifically called out in the spec as one that servers may find useful to relax--and this is a good example.

      I'd probably choose to serve a 409 with the error media type most likely to make sense to a human reader in this case, as I'm not sure I would expect a client to be able to recover from the error automatically if it didn't advertise support for one specifically in its Accept header. 

      Jon Moore
      Comcast Cable

      On Jul 1, 2012, at 4:05 PM, "andrei.neculau@..." <andrei.neculau@...> wrote:


      Given that you have a specific media-type(s) for giving extended API errors e.g. application/vnd.andrei.error-v1+json, application/vnd.andrei.error-v2+json
      which of the following do you find natural?

      #1 Be specific about which error media-type(s) you can accept
      GET http://.../resource
      Accept: application/vnd.andrei.some-media-type-v1+json, application/vnd.andrei.error-v1+json
      409 CONFLICT
      Content-Type: application/vnd.andrei.error-v1+json

      #2 If the client lacks specification of an error media-type, assume that it can process the lowest/highest version
      GET http://.../resource
      Accept: application/vnd.andrei.some-media-type-v1+json
      409 CONFLICT
      Content-Type: application/vnd.andrei.error-v2+json

      #3 If the client lacks specification of an error media-type, do not return any media-type nor payload - just the HTTP status code
      GET http://.../resource
      Accept: application/vnd.andrei.some-media-type-v1+json
      409 CONFLICT

      The thing is that for #1 and #3 to take place, basho's webmachine for instance would have to do content-negotiation again, but only for the media-types defined as error media-types and without throwing a 415 MEDIA TYPE NOT SUPPORTED.

      Thank you for your time

      NB. I've posted the above and some more comments also at https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!topic/api-craft/7c4unolo8Rw and I'd want to pick your brain as well

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