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18812RE: [rest-discuss] Re: Rel attributes?

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  • Rushforth, Peter
    May 4, 2012
      Hi Paul,

      > So, actually 'edit' means GET, PUT, DELETE (in at least one context :-).
      Fair enough, I did not go back to the spec to quote it, but throw GET in there too.

      >We could have a conversation about what 'self' means (a restatement of GET?), but let's park that for a moment.
      How did you get here in the first place? When this representation is taken out of its habitat,
      what is it/where did it come from/how can I get a fresh copy?

      > This is (at best) annoying for a user-agent which has to either (i) understand the completeness of the member entry in the feed - for which I see no mechanism to determine, or

      remember that the collection resource is not the member resource. So while a feed informs you of its members, it does not guarantee that the entries are complete. That is REST for you - no guarantees that the representation is the resource. And anyway, you haven't done a GET on the Member resource, just the Collection, so any Allow header you have received to date is about the Collection resource.

      > (ii) must always execute a GET, PUT cycle to make a change. If a GET is required anyway, there are other standard mechanisms to inform the user-agent of the permitted methods (e.g. 'Allow' header).
      Well of course you would want to do a GET before doing a PUT, unless you don't care what the resource says. You have a point with Allow, I think. I think you are arguing that a hypermedia format definition should associate method,rel,type "coordinates". Am I wrong?

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