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18518Re: [rest-discuss] atom pub/high usage

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  • Jan Algermissen
    Feb 6, 2012
      On Feb 6, 2012, at 2:36 PM, Greg Young wrote:

      > Its pretty well known how to do a quick pub/sub with atom pub. If we
      > get loads and loads of consumers though it might be beneficial to say
      > hang a http connection

      Huh? Are you saying, you want to switch from polling to push when number of users grow?

      I'd suggest that, the more number of users you have, the less is push a good architectural choice. Better to make use of HTTP caching to decrease umber of requests that actually hit your backend.

      Look at archived feeds for this purpose <http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5005> or check out <http://roy.gbiv.com/untangled/2008/paper-tigers-and-hidden-dragons> which I think is indeed a very practical solution despite its 'esoteric' appeal at first glance :-)

      If you feel you must use push, then there are solutions already such as XMPP.


      > and push results down the pipe in near real
      > time as opposed to polling (performance optimization only). This can
      > be done in a generic way, does anyone happen to know of a system that
      > just does that out of the box as opposed to building it?
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