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17962Re: [rest-discuss] form parameter dependencies and value assist

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  • Erik Wilde
    Nov 10 9:56 AM
      hello mike.

      > in one recent case, a client decided to handle these UI list
      > dependencies by sending all the data in the form and letting local
      > scripts to the filtering w/o the need to call back to the server. in
      > this case the lists were quite static (product-related filters) and
      > relatively small (tens of items in each list, not hundreds).

      yes, for small pick lists, including the allowable values is an option
      and is a good option to avoid additional requests.

      > caching
      > makes composing and shipping this representation to the clients
      > relatively inexpensive (after the first delivery to a client).

      the problem is that dependent lists can get huge; imagine the scenario i
      used which, when fully expanded, lists all cities in all countries
      world-wide. clearly, that's not something you want to ship to the
      client, so there needs to be some iterative process. you could probably
      say that this is very similar to faceted navigation, only that the
      process in this case is driven by form fields, and not by search-based
      interactions. we have tons of scenarios where we must have value-assist
      as a service, because these things also can be computed by server-side
      logic, so they don't even exist without input parameters provided by the



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