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17960Re: [rest-discuss] form parameter dependencies and value assist

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  • mike amundsen
    Nov 10 9:41 AM

      in one recent case, a client decided to handle these UI list
      dependencies by sending all the data in the form and letting local
      scripts to the filtering w/o the need to call back to the server. in
      this case the lists were quite static (product-related filters) and
      relatively small (tens of items in each list, not hundreds). caching
      makes composing and shipping this representation to the clients
      relatively inexpensive (after the first delivery to a client).


      On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 12:35, Erik Wilde <dret@...> wrote:
      > hello philippe.
      >> Dynamically communicating constraints on allowable values for expansions in a declarative way is sure an interesting problem.
      > indeed it is. have you considered dependencies in your scenario? one use
      > case we have all of the time is the "GET initial form; GET list of
      > countries, wait for country to be filled out; GET list of states; wait
      > for state to be filled out; GET list of cities; pick city; PUT/POST
      > form" pattern, in all sorts and shapes. i am wondering whether there is
      > some consensus about how to deal with this as declaratively as possible,
      > or whether anybody is just happily scripting all of this.
      > cheers,
      > dret.
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