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17947Re: [rest-discuss] Using URI templates in XHTML

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  • Eric J. Bowman
    Nov 9, 2011
      Mike Kelly wrote:
      > You're focusing on a side issue. Let's change it to this for now:
      > <a rel="circle" hreft="/circle/radius;{radius}" />
      > Is that (and the description of the rel circle) not an adequate
      > solution to the "real problem" you mentioned before?

      No, it is not adequate. The definition of rel='circle' still doesn't
      tell me what the range of allowable values is for the application
      domain, or what units are used. An XForms slider control can delimit
      the allowable values and declare them to be pixels, resulting in a
      self-documenting API instead of an endpoint dependent upon out-of-band

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