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17944Re: [rest-discuss] Using URI templates in XHTML

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  • Eric J. Bowman
    Nov 9, 2011
      Mike Kelly wrote:
      > There's already an adequate solution to that problem - you can define
      > the inputs up-front against the link relation in question.

      I don't see invalid markup as an adequate solution -- @href takes a
      URI, not a template; section 1.4 of the URI-template draft states that
      URI templates aren't URIs. Instead of having to parse @href before
      determining how to parse @href (is it a URI or a template), it makes
      sense to follow the logic in the URI-template draft and provide new
      attributes to match a new parsing model (or elements, in the case of
      XForms elements which take URIs as content).

      > e.g. the link relation 'circle' has an href containing a URI template
      > which accepts the variable 'radius'
      > which tells you what you need to know to build an automated client
      > which follows this link:
      > <a rel="circle" href="/circle/radius;{radius}" />

      How? Does @href take on a different syntax due to the definition of
      rel='circle'? Where is *that* in the media type definition for XHTML?

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