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17387Django REST framework - Critical feedback wanted.

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  • tomchristie0
    Mar 2, 2011
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      Hi all,

        I've just released a new Web API framework and I was hoping to solicit some constructive feedback on the project.

      The full documentation is available here http://django-rest- framework.org, but as a quick overview...

      * The default HTML media type emitter renders a really nice Django admin-styled API.  Eg: http://api.django-rest- framework.org
      * Encourages good REST-over-HTTP design - you'd have to really try hard to build an API with the framework that wasn't self-describing and well-connected.
      * Architecturally I think it's a pretty solid effort - it tries to go with the Django grain wherever possible.  (Although I guess that aspect might be outside the scope of this particular forum.)

      The browse-able API is definitely the aspect I'm most pleased with, it supports full GET/PUT/POST/DELETE on resources, and works nicely both for generic resources, and for resources that are tied to forms and/or models.  For example:

      http://api.django-rest- framework.org/pygments/  (Resource tied to a Django form)
      http://api.django-rest- framework.org/blog-post/  (Resource tied to a Django model)

      The 0.1 release went out last week, so obviously I still have lots of work I'd like to do.  HEAD/OPTIONS/TRACE/PATCH, work on authentication & permissions, encouraging hyper-linked resources over nested resource representations, good caching support and a stack of others all spring to mind.

      Some areas I'd appreciate input on would be...

      * What do you think I've gotten right or wrong in the design?
      * What are your thoughts on the admin-style browse-able API, which other frameworks do something similar and how does it compare?
      * What do you think I should consider as priorities in further releases?
      * How can I further encourage good REST-over-HTTP design with the framework?

      Any and all thoughts would be most welcome!


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