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1668Re: [rest-discuss] Protocol hourglass

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  • Seth Johnson
    Jul 2, 2002
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      I think of REST as the set of principles that assure the
      end-to-end principle at the HTTP protocol level.

      Seth Johnson

      Paul Prescod wrote:
      > Interesting talk. He says that IP is the "waist" of the Internet. Many
      > protocols below it (Ethernet, ATM, PPP) many above it. But only one IP
      > (well, two with IPv6). What most REST people want is to have HTTP be the
      > "neck" -- the only protocol at its level. What do the IP level and the
      > HTTP level have in common? Addressing. You want universal protocols at
      > levels that do addressing so that any object can talk to any other
      > object.
      > http://www.iab.org/iab/DOCUMENTS/hourglass-london-ietf.pdf


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