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15136Re: What do you think about REST being a synonym of Service creation technique?

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  • William Martinez Pomares
    Apr 6, 2010
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      Then we may need to start discussing about the pros and cons of using a concept. Problem is many use a name detached from the meaning, which leads to people understanding different things.

      For instance, Service is not RPC. People started using them as synonyms. When I came to do a Service, all that tools can offer is RPC, under the service name, and I cannot do my work!.

      What you get? JAX-RS, a REST framework, that allows you to put an annotation before your method and some other annotations before my parameters, to map to a URI context and query section. That is REST services support in Java!???


      William Martinez.

      --- In rest-discuss@yahoogroups.com, Jan Algermissen <algermissen1971@...> wrote:
      > On Apr 6, 2010, at 2:58 PM, William Martinez Pomares wrote:
      > > Is REST community interested in keeping this view of REST under SOA?
      > Incidently, I am personally in the process of slowly developing the idea that the notion of 'service' is[1] actually harmful to REST-oriented thinking.
      > I think 'service' is commonly perceived in the context of 'service layer', of exposing business functionality as a set of operations and operation-oriented thinking is somewhat contrary to REST.
      > Maybe it is nit-picking, but maybe it is necessary to re-think networked systems development from the ground up to overcome the many apparent misconceptions about REST (and the associated dangers in making things worse as Stu mentioned).
      > Jan
      > [1] or 'might be' because I have not yet made up my mind :-)
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