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15118Re: [rest-discuss] Re: What do you think about REST being a synonym of Service creation technique?

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  • Stefan Tilkov
    Apr 5, 2010
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      On Apr 2, 2010, at 1:08 AM, William Martinez Pomares wrote:

      The question is still the same. REST discussions are held in the SOA arena, as if REST is a SOA sub product. If SOA is dead, is then REST dead the same? Does REST lives only in the SOA realm? Is REST just a web services alternative? Is Services the only topic we can talk about in REST?

      I wonder.

      As you can define SOA to mean whatever suits your purposes, it all depends. I happened to be InfoQ's SOA lead editor for a long time, and I personally define SOA to be a high-level approach to an organization's IT holistically, not as an architectural style. I've personally found REST to be the most compelling architectural style, and RESTful HTTP as the most useful technology stack, to achieve those high-level goals (much more so than SOAP/WSDL/WS-* and whatever you'd like to call the architectural style it embodies, if you happen to believe that it actually does so). Only if you define SOA (as I believe Roy and many other REST folks do) as the unnamed architectural style underlying WSDL, SOAP & Co., this seems a conflict.

      One of the more interesting experiences I had at InfoQ (I'm no longer the lead editor and only loosely associated) was that it got harder and harder to find anyone willing to write a useful technical article that was not REST-related. Of course this may have been selection bias, but I really tried … but at some point 90% of the people I respected from the WS-* side of things had become RESTafarians.


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