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1190Re: [rest-discuss] Re: GoogleAPI is Rest?

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  • S. Mike Dierken
    May 1, 2002
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      > Rather than argue over the details of what is and isn't available, lets
      > focus on building.

      > Maybe evangelizing is a part of the work. For example, make the point
      > that service description tools, specifically Visual .NET, apply equally to
      > REST development. So let's do it. but let's not fool ourselves into
      > thinking that once somone embraces the one true faith they'll find full
      > featured toolkits.

      Well put. What are the missing pieces?
      - discovery (wsdl-style declarative formats, intellisense-tool friendly
      stuff, etc.)
      - clients (do we need to write new 'resource modelling friendly' clients in
      all the languages or can we re-user protocol API libraries?)

      I don't think we need asynch stuff immediately, since there isn't an
      existing body of resource that support it to hook up to.

      What else?
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