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1168Re: [rest-discuss] Re: GoogleAPI is Rest?

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  • Lucas Gonze
    May 1, 2002
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      > WSDL for HTTP is -- as far as I can tell -- exactly as functional as
      > WSDL for SOAP. That doesn't mean that WSDL is REST-ful, but it does mean
      > that your next sentence is misleading:
      > > SOAP-RPC already offers solutions to all of the above.

      Point taken.

      > How does SOAP-RPC handle "event models"????

      By allowing SOAP-RPC to be transported over event protocols such as JMS,
      and by having a more fleshed out model for intermediaries. Precanned
      support for HTTP intermediaries is limited to real time proxying.
      Otherwise you have to get out the power tools and write a gateway by hand,
      which is too low level a job for most projects.

      Rather than argue over the details of what is and isn't available, lets
      focus on building. People are getting the impression -- false IMO -- that
      REST is a religious war. That's what Sam Ruby was mainly reacting to, and
      what Dave Winer has been ranting about on scripting news. The kind of
      obscurantia that we've been arguing over, e.g. URI opacity, needs to be
      solved and polished well enough to allow app developers to focus on
      application needs. I don't believe anyone here thinks that's already

      Maybe evangelizing is a part of the work. For example, make the point
      that service description tools, specifically Visual .NET, apply equally to
      REST development. So let's do it. but let's not fool ourselves into
      thinking that once somone embraces the one true faith they'll find full
      featured toolkits.

      - Lucas
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