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1164Re: [rest-discuss] Re: GoogleAPI is Rest?

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  • Mark Baker
    May 1, 2002
      On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 09:34:09AM -0400, Lucas Gonze wrote:
      > There are a bunch of missing pieces. WSDL for HTTP resources needs to
      > happen.

      Perhaps, but with nowhere near the urgency, and nowhere near the
      complexity of WSDL. WSDL exists, and is a necessary part of Web
      Services, because you don't know anything about an interface. With
      REST, you start off with a lot of information. It's not *all* the
      information everybody would ever need, but it's more than enough for

      > Work on event models needs to get finished. Maybe store and
      > forward (the email workalike we discussed here a few months ago) needs to
      > happen.


      > SOAP-RPC already offers solutions to all of the above. They're not as

      SOAP doesn't have an event model, or a store and forward model. It has
      an intermediary model, just like HTTP, only better specified.

      > good as HTTP solutions could be but at least they're out there. Until the
      > REST stack gets filled out to the same degree as the XML RPC stack, we are
      > in ivory tower land.

      Oh, please. Without any further work, I can get a whole lot done with
      REST right now, between uncoordinated parties . The same is not true
      for SOAP/Web-services.

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