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11426Re: [whatwg] Proposing URI Templates for WebForms 2.0

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  • Julian Reschke
    Nov 1 3:14 AM
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      Mark Nottingham wrote:
      > ...
      > Try what I did with hinclude <http://www.mnot.net/javascript/hinclude/>;
      > write a javascript library to handle a declarative syntax, and have it
      > gracefully degrade once the browsers handle it natively. If the markup
      > is declarative, it doesn't matter if it's in HTML5 or not, you still can
      > cater to unintended uses.
      > ...

      Speaking of which: that one (hinclude) is totally useful; and it would
      also help with one of the cases Google's recent dictionary-based
      compression proposal is for.

      I'd totally be in favor to have something like this in HTML5 (and no,
      others have asked for it as well).

      BR, Julian
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