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10167Re: [rest-discuss] Re: Introductory REST Article

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  • Stefan Tilkov
    Jan 2, 2008
      I've chosen to map "submit order" to a POST to the collection resource
      identified by /orders. The POST would return the URI of a new resource
      (the order) in a Location header.
      For a generic client, everything should be fine since this is just
      standard behavior. (Another option would have been to use PUT, with
      the downside of the client having to choose the URI, and the benefit
      of being idempotent.)

      For a client that's aware of the business semantics, it means
      submitting an order. Of course this would have to be communicated by
      means of documentation, possibly via some click-through agreement.

      Stefan Tilkov, http://www.innoq.com/blog/st/

      On Jan 2, 2008, at 6:05 PM, Ebenezer Ikonne wrote:

      > Even in an internal system, "submit" could mean something else. It
      > could indicate the need to process or fulfill the order. These are the
      > type of operations most people that I know are interested in REST want
      > to see demonstrated.
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