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2594FW: Indiana school may be liable for shooting injuries : Elections|||companyrx@me.com has shared something with you

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  • Bill Culbertson
    May 21, 2014

      Check out the article linked below.

      First of all, the language quoted from the court’s ruling is no big deal. That’s boiler plate language courts use in deciding motions for summary judgment. It just means that the case must proceed to trial for fact finding, rather than being decided by the judge as a matter of law.

      More importantly, this illustrates that schools can be held liable (Caution: not all states have the same rules on sovereign immunity from tort claims) for claims about their school safety plans. And it points to the threshold that the trial court will use: i.e. whether the school failed in its duty to protect students.

      Keep in mind this is civil, not criminal. It means that schools that don’t meet the new standard (run-hide-fight) in school safety may have to get out their checkbooks after (God forbid) a shooting incident.

      I promote ALICE as having met the new standard years before the standard was published by DHS!

      Bill Culbertson

      Certified ALICE Instructor

      Kenton County (Kentucky) School Board Member



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