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2577Stabbings in Pennsylvania

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  • Bob Renzi
    Apr 9, 2014
      Latest word is that a student in Franklin Regional School District, near Pittsburgh, ran through the halls this morning before classes and stabbed or injured at least 20 students.  None have died, but 4 are in emergency surgery now.  Frnakline Regional is an middle-upper class area in Murrysville.
      This has to open some eyes how a person can get that close to 20 plus people and nothing is done because of panic.  This seems to be the first major incident of multiple injuries due to an edged weapon, and might just be the beginning of more.  Everyone has access to edged weapons of some type, even if they don't have a gun.
      I haven't heard how the actor was apprehended as yet.  Will follow with more information as it published.
      Bob Renzi
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