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2568RE: Ohio House Bill 178

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  • Ron Brooks
    Mar 22, 2014


      He is the link to HB 178 as passed by the House.  In the original bill we asked for 4 safety drills a year and five fire drills.  That was changed to read six fire drills and three safety drills. In addition to the three safety drills the schools are required, under the new bill, to perform a tabletop exercise and one of the three “safety” drills is required to be a lockdown only drill. 


      So far it looks like we ended up with tow drills a year that go along with our ALICE training but I think we can make it work.  It’s still better than what we had. 







      Thanks for everyone’s help.  Now we need to start pushing the Senators.







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      What does HB178 contain?

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      On Mar 22, 2014, at 11:44 AM, Ron Brooks <rbrooks@...> wrote:


      I just wanted everyone to know that I received word on Thursday that HB 178, the School Safety bill we’ve been pushing for finally passed the house 98-0.  The bill now moves to the Senate. 


      The current bill is watered down some from what we originally wanted but it’s a step in the right direction. 




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