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Re: [reprohealth_india] Rajasthan tourism¹s new line: Welcome to thestate of Sati

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  • Sama
    Dear Abhijit We havent received any response from the Rajasthan groups yet. We thought that the memo could be drafted once we receive an update from them.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2005
      Re: [reprohealth_india] Rajasthan tourism¹s new line: Welcome to  thestate of Sati Dear Abhijit
      We havent received any response from the Rajasthan groups yet. We thought that  the memo could be drafted once we receive an update from them.
      Have you received any news from there?


      on 5/31/05 6:38 PM, Abhijit Das at abhijit@... wrote:

      Sending a memorandum is a good idea. It will strengthen the local protests too. Any volunteers for drafting the memorandum?
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      [reprohealth_india] Rajasthan tourism¹s new line: Welcome to the state of Sati

      Dear Friends,
      The following article appeared in the Indian Express today.  
      We definitely need to put a stop to this...

      Should we  send a memorandum to the Chief Minister and Minister for Tourism, Rajasthan.   Please send us your suggestions.

      Kavita and others in Rajasthan may already have initiated action on this.... Do update us.



      Rajasthan tourism¹s new line: welcome to the state of Sati ŒŒSati is now
      seen as a source of strength¹¹ says tourism minister Usha Punia, Sati sites
      listed in guidebook
      SANDIPAN SHARMA                        Posted online: Tuesday, May 31, 2005

      JAIPUR, MAY 30: As the Uttar Pradesh government tries to put behind its
      embarrassment over the Banda Sati incident, the Rajasthan Tourism
      Development has made Sati the state¹s USP. In its latest guidebook, released
      on Monday, it has invited tourists to visit some of the best Sati temples in
      the country ‹ never mind the flak the Vasundhara Raje government recently
      took over the naming of Jaipur Development Authority approved Rani Sati

      In the book, titled Popular Deities of Rajasthan, the department describes
      the state as ŒŒbest-known for various Sati Matas¹¹ and goes on to extol the
      virtues of women who are remembered and revered for sacrificing their lives
      on their husbands¹ funeral pyre.

      Sample: ŒŒThere is not a spot in the state where women had not committed

      ŒŒBrave women who sacrificed their lives for the sake of sat (truth) are
      best known as Satis... the Sati was not restricted by compulsions of caste.
      Women from every caste committed Sati.¹¹

      The book, which was released by Tourism Minister Usha Punia amid much
      fanfare, goes on to describe the myths and legends associated with the Sati
      temples in Rajasthan.

      Consider the following:

      € Rundera, Salumbar: Before committing Sati, Krishna Devi of the Rathore
      clan sacrificed 24 body parts to the gods. The place got its name because of
      the Sati committed by Krishan Devi with Rathore Kallaji rund (body) in
      Salumbar (near Udaipur) after a battle. This Sati is well known as the
      Goddess of rains and the Goddess of Nature. Several tribes of the region
      worship the Sati in the lunar month of ashad (the period before the rains).
      Visitors would find palm prints of the Sati outside every house in the

      € Rani Sati Temple, Jhunjhunu: The Sati from Meham village is famous as the
      deity of the region. Her name was Narayani Bai. She committed Sati after her
      husband Tanmandhan Das died in a battle, while fighting for the Nawab of
      Hissar in 1652.

      € Ghevar Mata of Rajasamand: This goddess carried the torch of sacrifice. It
      is said that when the embankments of the Rajsamand Lake were being
      constructed, they would collapse without any reason. The embankment could be
      constructed only after an astrologer asked the rulers to summon Ghevar Bai,
      who committed Sati after placing a stone in the foundation of the

      € Bayan: Any unmarried woman who commits Sati to protect her honour is
      called Bayan. Once a girl from Merta (Jodhpur region) committed Sati with a
      child. This place has a memorial to her.

      Tourism minister Punia, who released the book, defended the glorification of
      Sati in the guidebook. ŒŒSati is now seen as the source of strength,¹¹ she

      The devsthan (temples) department, however, said it had goofed up in its
      portrayal of the Sati. Its secretary, Ashok Shekhar, said the book was an
      attempt to inform visitors about the public deities of the state.

      ŒŒWe would withdraw the references to the Sati temples, as they could be
      easily interpreted as glorification of Sati,¹¹ he said.


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