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Re: [BlackLeftUnity:9803] The Sterile Speculation as Intellectual Po

Just wanted to clarify for others who might want to quibble about words, Diop is the Father of Classical African Studies, e.g., Nile Valley Studies and/or
Yusuf Nuruddin
Apr 14

Re: [BlackLeftUnity:9791] A Short Reflection Reflection On Dr. Ben a

The issue on the table is a definition, contextualization and evaluation of Dr. Ben's scholarship.  You have defined, contextualized and evaluated it as
Yusuf Nuruddin
Apr 13

Fw: [BlackLeftUnity:9785] A Short Reflection Reflection On Dr. Ben a

 A people without the knowledge of theirpast history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. --- MarcusGarvey “Whoever does not inform hischildren
Yusuf Nuruddin
Apr 12
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