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17993How Can the Billionaire Koch Brothers Be Doing Good for HBCU?

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  • S. E. Anderson
    Jul 9, 2014
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      How Can the Billionaire Koch Brothers Be Doing Good for HBCU?
      ...When they are very pro John Birch Society? For those youngfolk out there in Cyberland, the John Birch Society was/is a more covert form of the KKK... the granma to the Tea Party.
      This article helps put in perspective, the tens of millions of dollars that the Koch Brothers have donated to the United Negro College Fund. First, it sounds like a lot of money. It is not. You have hundreds of thousands of Black students at HCBUs paying tens of thousands of dollars in tution and room & board which adds up to hundreds of millions of dollars. The posrtion of the millions donated sets aside about $3000/per student-in-need FOR EXCATLY ONE YEAR.
      Yes. This is a one year donation (convient that it's the key electoral year for the Republicans to have a strong chance of dominating both houses of Congress).
      The Koch Brothers are calculating on neutralizing our socalled mainstream negro leaders within academia and the corporate world by dowsing UNCF and key Black preachers's nonprofits with multimillion dollar donations. At the same time, these John Birchers get "being nice to negros" corporate media boost. Unfortunately, these new colored yes men and women will have you believe that the Koch Brothers are coming to the "rescue" of our historically Black colleges. Nothing can be further from the truth.
      Because, these two guys grew up with the deep seated belief in white supremacy and Black inferiority: Blacks need only the bare minimum of education because of their limited intellectual capacity as explained in John Birch Society related books and journals.
      So... we Black Educatorsnneed to organize a serious nationwide "Don't Be Koch Suckers!- know the Koch Brothers Campaign." This recent Koch Brothers donation is but part of their larger plans to help the keep alive their nationwide racist rightwing public education plan of privatizing and erasing Black cultural excellence.
      We need to come together before the Nov midterm elections and plan out an educating-the-masses campaign that can successfully defeat the Koch Brothers and their fellow wealthy racists. 
      In Struggle,
      Sam Anderson
      s. e. anderson
      author of The Black Holocaust for Beginners
      If WORK was good for you, the rich would leave none for the poor. (Haiti)