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17980Fw: [BlackLeftUnity:8470] Why A Black Liberation Theoretician Directory?

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  • Yusuf Nuruddin
    Jul 1, 2014

      On , Yusuf Nuruddin <yusufnuruddin@...> wrote:

      This is the kind of outright denial and distortion that makes people suspect of whether people don't have a realistic appraisal of their own class backgrounds or are living in some kind of fantasy world.  There are enough middle class professionals --specifically academics, i.e., college professors and instructors -- involved in the leadership or Continuations Committee of BLUN to constitute a full-fledged academic department in a regular -sized university.   Yet you persist in this fiction.  WHY??  WHY??? WHY???? Then you are going to run this bogus line about your having "committed class suicide, as your stock answer. 
      Most now know that Black people must unite and fight against racism and national oppression, and that this has to be rooted in the class struggle because middle class Black people can not and will not free poor and working class Black people who must rise to fight for themselves and be the leaders.

      On Tuesday, July 1, 2014 9:52 AM, Abdul Alkalimat <mcworter@...> wrote:

      There has been some discussion about the daily mailings regarding the
      Black Liberation Movement.  Attached find a response to this discussion.
        Dialogue is welcome.


      *  Frank exchanges of different views are welcomed, but shall not be done in a disrespectful and uncomradely manner.
      *  Promoting male supremacy, homophobia or chauvinism against other oppressed peoples shall not be tolerated.
      *  Attacks on individuals and organizations that go beyond the scope of objective and principled criticism shall not be tolerated.
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