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13619Re: [renewable-energy] "Experts" Have Been Misleading People About Renewable Energy

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  • Darryl McMahon
    Aug 14, 2014
      I can't speak for Australia, but in Ontario I suspect even the 'fact'
      numbers are understating the case for wind and solar energy installs.

      1) The Ontario 'fact' numbers appear to be based only on installations
      which have survived the permitting process and been connected to the
      grid. In reality, the early permitting process was so terrible that I
      know of a couple of PV installs in the 10 kW range which were built and
      never connected. Those houses - with existing electrical service -
      added batteries and inverters and effectively went off-grid and their
      renewables contribution is presumably not part of the numbers in the
      'fact' reporting.

      2) I have had some PV panels on my house, on and off, over the years.
      These have never been grid connected, but have taken load off the grid.
      Currently my son is collecting used PV panels to create a 10 kW array
      which may get grid-connected someday, or may simply be an off-grid
      installation. In the meantime, I am borrowing them to charge batteries
      and power devices in our house which are our highest consumers during
      on-peak pricing times. (Per my last look at our household electricity
      consumption, 88% of our household gtrid-supplied electrical demand
      occurs during off-peak periods.) The removed load would not be
      reflected in the 'fact' numbers as renewable energy.

      3) I have put PV on our electric boat to charge it for several years,
      and that would not be captured in the 'fact' numbers.

      4) We have been using solar water heating and solar thermal space
      heating for years, and that energy contribution is not reflected in
      'fact' renewable energy contribution. While our household may not be
      mainstream (yet) in incorporating renewables, it is also not unique.

      5) PV powered road information signs, roadside emergency telephones,
      cell towers, etc. are becoming the de facto standard for those power
      uses, and these are typically not grid-connected, and presumably not

      Just saying the actual facts are likely even slightly better than the
      reported 'facts' for renewables energy production.


      On 13/08/2014 10:20 AM, Doug Kalmer dougkalmer@...
      [renewable-energy] wrote:
      > We’ve mentioned this before, but one of the striking patterns of
      > behaviour in the energy industry over the last decade has been the
      > ability of the “established” energy experts to completely underestimate
      > the growth of renewable energy – and to overplay the credentials of
      > fossil fuels.
      > As we have seen in Australia, this has been a costly exercise, resulting
      > in massive over-investment in poles and wires, and in fossil fuel
      > generation. Similar stories have been played out across the world.
      > So who is best at getting the forecasts right? This interesting graphic
      > shows that the green NGOs – those accused in dealing in “fantasy” – are
      > a lot closer to the mark, particularly when it comes down to forecasts
      > for wind and solar capacity additions.
      > The graph below pretty much speaks for itself. Greenpeace has been a lot
      > closer to reality than the International Energy Agency. Perhaps it also
      > has a better grip on how quickly the world can move to a largely
      > renewable-based energy system.
      > http://cleantechnica.com/2014/08/12/experts-misleading-people-renewable-energy/?utm_source=Cleantechnica+News&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=6c331e1a6d-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_term=0_b9b83ee7eb-6c331e1a6d-331251557
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      > Posted by: Doug Kalmer <dougkalmer@...>
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      Darryl McMahon
      Project Manager,
      Common Assessment and Referral for Enhanced Support Services (CARESS)
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