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13611Re: [renewable-energy] We Don’t Need a Huge B reakthrough to Make Renewable Energy Viable—I t Already Is | Smithsonian

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  • Darryl McMahon
    Aug 11, 2014
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      I hesitate to start in here, as this topic tends to be inflammatory.

      Bird death from wind turbines is a popular topic amongst the anti-wind
      lobby, along with wind turbine syndrome. (For a quick survey of wind
      turbine syndrome, visit http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4388)

      Here's a relevant snippet regard avian death from wind turbines.

      "Several studies have compared the effect of different energy sources on
      bird mortality overall. One, published earlier this year [2013],
      calculates windfarms killed 20,000 birds died in 2009 in the US - while
      nuclear plants killed about 330,000 and fossil fueled power plants more
      than 14 million. The research concludes that taken together,
      fossil-fueled facilities are about 17 times more dangerous per gigawatt
      hour of electricity produced to birds than wind and nuclear power stations."

      (from http://www.carbonbrief.org/blog/2013/04/wind-farms-and-birds/)

      Domestic and feral cats still appear to be the number one bird killers,
      followed by bird strikes into buildings, power lines, vehicles,
      communications towers, etc. It takes a while to get down the list to
      wind turbines, which appear to come in far behind bird deaths due to
      other birds.

      There are a couple of early windfarms which had a high impact on bird
      mortality. The industry learned from those and have implemented changes
      to siting, design, site set-up and operating regimes to reduce their
      impact on birds. I think that is laudable and worthy activity.

      However, if the real issue is the rate of bird death, attacks on wind
      turbines need to be taken in the context of other causes of bird death.
      Is there substantial support for culling the cat population, as it is
      the single largest cause of bird death?

      There are a lot of headline-seeking articles regarding wind turbines and
      bird deaths, but a balanced review of the evidence available shows it is
      not as big an issue as the headlines would suggest, especially in the
      context of other causes of bird deaths.

      Darryl McMahon

      On 10/08/2014 10:59 AM, David Freudenrich davidfreudenrich@...
      [renewable-energy] wrote:
      > What about the reports that wind farms last year killed 82,000 birds of
      > prey or the tens of thousands of bats? People seem to overlook that.
      > Why?
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      >> It’s not just speculation any more. Besides the German model
      >> (“Kombikrafwerk”) there are areas where it’s been demonstrated to work
      >> – even at a small scale.
      >> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_power_in_Denmark#Sams.C3.B8_Island
      >> Mike
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