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13610Rules prevent solar panels in many states with abundant sunlight - LA Times

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  • Doug Kalmer
    Aug 11, 2014
      Several states, mostly in the Southeast, have tons of sun but rules to keep people from harnessing its power
      Even Northeastern states outdo sunny counterparts to the south when it comes to rooftop solar panels
      Utilities nervous about encroachment of solar firms promote laws to prevent rooftop systems

      Florida is one of several states, mostly in the Southeast, that combine copious sunshine with extensive rules designed to block its use by homeowners to generate power.

      States like Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York — not known for clear, blue skies — have outpaced their counterparts to the south in the installation of rooftop solar panels.

      While the precise rules vary from state to state, one explanation is the same: opposition from utilities grown nervous by the rapid encroachment of solar firms on their business