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13591Re: [renewable-energy] Reed Pellets Untapped Potential

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  • Jim Giglio
    Jul 7, 2014
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      << I would like very much for Hydrogen to be our fuels of the future. >>

      It DOES have some negatives:

      1) Nobody knows how much of it will leak from pipelines, service station pumps, etc. I tried to find out a few years ago, and the best analogue I could find was a natural gas pipeline from Russia to Europe; the loss rate was 1%. I figure that's probably a lower limit for a hydrogen infrastructure. H2 is a VERY tiny molecule, and it would like nothing better than to escape whatever container confines it (or tube that transports it).

      2) Nobody knows, either, the environmental effects of the actual leakage that would occur.  One thing there IS some awareness of is the fire/explosion hazard. CA has a "hydrogen highway"  for H2-powered vehicles. Look it up. You'll find that the roof over the pump islands sports a special shape to prevent  accumulations of H2 gas under the roof.

      The vehicle's fuel tank, if I remember correctly, is located under the back seat, and the H2 is confined at  500 PSI (or maybe it's 5000 PSI). I think that's  what we call a "bomb". And any uses of H2 other than motor vehicle propulsion would al require us to store and transport H2 under similar conditions.

      Maybe these and similar problems can be solved. But can they be solved satisfactorily at the scales involved if H2 becomes prominent in applications like transportation, home heating, or the generation of electricity?

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