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  • Saverio Scalzi
    Feb 12, 2014
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      I wander from which school you come out.
      Go back to school and learn the role of CO2 in our planet. In parenthesis: the CO2 is DIRECT PROPORTIONAL TO THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THIS PLANET. More people and animals, more CO2. 
      The down fall of this country as world leader, is produced from people non productive like you that continuously attacking any type of progress necessary for the continuing evolution of this planet. But, your mission is not to produce any thing good but to destroy any type of progress create by others. Who is paying you and the rest of your gang to spread all these information that all of you erroneously have and release to the public. 
      Keep barking around and enjoy the salary that you make at other people expenses.
      And forgive my poor English.
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      Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 10:21 AM
      Subject: [renewable-energy] Re: Nationwide Wind & Solar Misinformation Scheme Making The Rounds, AWEA Responds | CleanTechnica


      Our President is among the supporters of fossil fuels. Just look up what he means by "All of the Above". He also regards natural gas as a "bridge fuel". And apparently NOBODY understands the fact that natural gas is a FOSSIL fuel, and what this unarguable fact means.

      Here's what I recently e-mailed to a broker who cold-called, trying to get me interested in investing in natural gas (among his statements was the assertion that natgas is a "clean" fuel):

      Here's the thing I promised you, on the environmental aspects of the current boom in natural gas:
      Natural gas is a made up of almost 100% methane. The molecular formula of methane is CH4; that is, a molecule of methane is made up of a single carbon atom and 4 hydrogen atoms. The atomic mass of carbon is 12 and for hydrogen it's 1, so the total molecular mass is 16. Since 12 of those mass units belong to carbon, carbon is 75% of the mass of a methane molecule.

      This also applies to any mass of methane; a ton of methane contains 1500 pounds of carbon (75% of 2000 Lb.)  When that ton of methane burns with that pretty blue flame (which looks so clean), it generates the same mass of carbon  dioxide (CO2) as a ton of bituminous coal with 75% carbon. 75%-carbon bituminous coal is close to the upper limit of carbon content for bituminous coal; only 7 points higher qualifies it as anthracite coal, which is  considered to be practically pure carbon.

      Natural gas is also a fossil fuel. That means that it (like coal and oil) comes from deep inside the crust of the earth, where it was buried about 100 million years ago by geophysical processes. And THAT means that ALL fossil fuels, without exception, come to us from the distant past. There is some uncertainty about just how distant the "distant past' is, but there is no doubt whatever that fossil fuels got buried tens of millions of years ago.

      The upshot of all this is that EVERY oil well, EVERY gas well, and EVERY coal mine is a working time machine, transferring carbon into today's world from the world as it existed some 100 million years ago. That ancient carbon, when burned, produces CO2, which for all practical purposes, comes to us from another planet (THIS planet, as it existed tens of millions of years ago).

      Ad that CO2 from the distant past is a greenhouse gas.  That means it traps the heat of the sun in the atmosphere; most climate scientists have concluded that the results of that "greenhouse effect" are global warming and  global climate change, and that these effects are being felt NOW. Some (mostly non-scientists) disagree. But the scientists have a habit (and a long record) of being right; they were right they told us that the Earth is not the center of the universe, that infectious diseases are caused by micro-organisms, not God's wrath, that nothing travels faster than light, and lots of other stuff as well.

      By the way, if your kid ever needs a science fair project, (s)he can perform the experiment that demonstrates this property  of CO2 (heat trapping); the experiment is quite simple to perform.

      CO2 is also TOXIC, in the same sense that water is toxic to a man on a sinking ship. If you doubt this, just fill up a dry-cleaning bag with CO2 (from a fire extinguisher, maybe), and try to breathe from the bag.

      Humanity is bringing that toxic, heat-trapping stuff, CO2, from the distant past, and putting it into the atmosphere in essentially unlimited amounts; and we show every sign that we intend to keep doing so into the indefinite future. Environmental disaster from this activity is absolutely inevitable; we might quibble about the nature and timing of the disaster that awaits us, but it's coming, we can be sure of THAT.

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