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13502Re: Most People Don't Go Solar "For The Environment" (+ Funny Videos) | CleanTechnica

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  • Jim Giglio
    Dec 13, 2013
      My guess is that most people who don’t know much about the state of solar power today think that people who go solar do so in order to help the environment.

      Also - An energy policy aimed at eliminating fossil fuels is a WEAPON. although no administration (including the current one) has ever given any indication that they realize this fact.

      It may well be that Iran's mullahs and ayatollahs  are, in the final analysis, unwilling to give up their nuclear weapons program, and will scuttle the current interim agreement, just as Hitler scuttled Chamberlain's Munich accord and gobbled up the rest of Czechoslovakia. In that case, we have a way to destroy the Iranian economy, and we should be absolutely ruthless and completely open about doing so, just as we were with the Nazis and the Japanese militarists. We need only to get serious about eliminating fossil fuels; The rest of the world will follow our lead. The people who  run the world's energy industries are not stupid; they want to stop depending  on imported fossil fuels at least as badly as we do, so Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and the rest of that crowd will soon be up the well-known creek without a paddle.
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