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How Technology Is Fueling The Push Toward Solar | TechCrunch

Solar energy in the United States has seen immense momentum throughout the years. When the Solar Energy Industries Association released its annual report in
Doug Kalmer
7:28 AM

Re: Are solar panels worth it? - The Boston Globe

I live in the UK, where there is no tax penalty on the feed in tariff received if you own your own renewable generator. Some local authorities did try to apply
John de Rivaz
7:28 AM

Are solar panels worth it? - The Boston Globe

You’ve seen them on your neighbors’ roofs. Solar panels are popping up everywhere now, and so are the ads for them. It’s no wonder — harnessing energy
Doug Kalmer
Sep 1

Browse Your Solar Financing Options in This New Guide - Renewable En

Have you considered going solar but found the various financing options confusing? To clarify your choices, the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), in
Doug Kalmer
Aug 29

Wind And Solar Are Already A Better Value Than Fossil Fuels

Citigroup has published a detailed analysis of the costs of various energy sources, and it concludes that if all the costs of generation are included (known as
Doug Kalmer
Aug 29

PACE Will Be Available To All US Homeowners

In 2007, the City of Berkeley came up with an innovative program to hasten the adoption of solar technology. Homeowners could finance installations through
Doug Kalmer
Aug 25

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) | SEIA

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Click here for a Fact Sheet covering the basics of the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
Doug Kalmer
Aug 25

Re: Turning red to blue for solar energy | Ars Technica

An alternative to expensive conversion equipment are DC appliances that are capable of using a wide range of voltages. For example, air conditioning, pool and
John de Rivaz
Aug 25

5 Reasons Utilities Are Hating On Their Solar-Producing Customers |

It seems crazy that electric companies would have anything against customers who spend their own money to reduce their energy use with clean, local solar
Doug Kalmer
Aug 25

Re: Tell Warren Buffett: Stop Your War On Rooftop Solar | Climate Tr

It would seem that his right hand doesn’t know what his left hand is doing:
John de Rivaz
Aug 24

Turning red to blue for solar energy | Ars Technica

Solar energy is one of the most important alternative energy sources available to us. In Europe, alongside an increasing number of wind turbines, houses with
Doug Kalmer
Aug 24

Tell Warren Buffett: Stop Your War On Rooftop Solar | Climate Truth

One of our best hopes in the fight against climate change is the massive explosion of rooftop solar, which has more than tripled since 2010! But
Doug Kalmer
Aug 23

Power companies may have found a new way to crack into the booming s

There’s a tense dynamic accompanying the rapid growth of solar in the United States—in which traditional utility companies, nervous about the spread of
Doug Kalmer
Aug 22

Why the best place for solar panels may not be on your roof - The Wa

And as the MIT report puts it, “Because residential solar has a higher investment cost per peak watt, and because the magnitude of the federal subsidy is
Doug Kalmer
Aug 21
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