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Re: Houston...T-Minus 100 days and count

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  • the_friars_son
    Only 64 days until Arizona Renaissance Festival. ... equivalent centuries ago might have been)...AzRF, weekends in February and March. Come one, come
    Message 1 of 1496 , Dec 1, 2000
      Only 64 days until Arizona Renaissance Festival.
      :P neener! neener! neener! (or whatever the
      equivalent centuries ago might have been)...AzRF, weekends
      in February and March.<br><br>Come one, come all! We
      have a football stadium to build, gosh darn it! And we
      need YOUR tourist dollars! Visit often, rent vehicles,
      and have extended hotel stays! Rest easy in the
      knowledge that YOU'LL be paying for the stadium! Is my
      sarcasm showing, by the way? How about being facetious? I
      voted against it, but oh well, it's the will of the
      voters (<a href=http://www.azwins.com target=new>http://www.azwins.com</a> for info). I believe it's
      a Maricopa County tax, so if you come to AzRF and
      stay in Apache Junction or on site, you'll be in the
      next county and thus avoid the tax. :) Faire purchases
      wouldn't be affected, as it's mainly on car rentals and
      hotels, and also the faire site is in another
      county.<br><br>Come ye hither!
    • Steve
      Have you got a link to the rest of this (below) you know you ve been joke. The original link in the post is not valid anymore. If anyone has the full list, I
      Message 1496 of 1496 , Jul 15, 2003
        Have you got a link to the rest of this (below) "you know you've
        been" joke. The original link in the post is not valid anymore.
        If anyone has the full list, I would like to read it.


        original message #793
        --- In renaissancefun@yahoogroups.com, mtnelk wrote:
        > You Know You've Been<br> Working Faire Too Long
        > When:<br><br><br> By Lance Druger (AKA Singer)<br><br> 1. You go to
        > a baseball game and you wonder why the players are
        > running the wrong way.<br> 2. You go to an expensive
        > French restaurant and ask where the privy is.<br> 3.
        > You're surprised when your boogers aren't black.<br> 4.
        > You give an important speech to the heads of major
        > computer companies... in Basic Faire Accent.<br> 5. You're
        > shopping and you ask, "How many pence is this sir?"<br> 6.
        > You get in an argument and you yell, "A pox on
        > thee!"<br> 7. You think it's good table manners to belch
        > loudly.<br> 8. You think of dirt as one of the basic food
        > groups. Or at least an essential flavoring
        > ingredient.<br> 9. You look at your friends new dog and wonder
        > how long it should be cooked.<br> 10. You wonder why
        > people wearing shorts aren't being snubbed.<br> 11. You
        > see a girl with her hair down and think, "That cheap
        > ..."<br> 12. You don't mind going for two days without a
        > shower.<br> 13. Someone asks you what you think of their new
        > hat and you say, "It's nice dear, but it's not quite
        > period."<br> 14. For "political affiliation" on the ballots
        > you put the name of your guild.<br> 15. You forget
        > how to flush.<br> 16. You greet the privy monster
        > when you go to the bathroom.<br> 17. You think of
        > Denny's as fine dining.<br> 18. You think the bathroom at
        > McDonalds is clean.<br> 19. You feel uncomfortable out of a
        > bodice.<br> 20. You can't shake hands without grabbing the
        > other persons wrist.<br> 21. You get mugged and tell
        > the mugger his cheap Paki dagger is going to
        > rust.<br> 22. You call sunscreen "magic potion".<br> 23.
        > You can't remember what a synthesizer sounds
        > like.<br> 24. All your favorite songs work as a round.<br>
        > 25. You can't remember how to use a microwave.<br>
        > 26. You go to work and suddenly get this irrational
        > fear that you forgot to take your tent down (at many
        > faires you have to drop the tents during the<br>
        > day).<br> 27. You don't know any of the songs on the
        > radio.<br> 28. You only know your best friends faire
        > name.<br> 29. You meet someone at a party and start the
        > conversation by asking, "What guild are you in?"<br> 30. You
        > think it's O.K. to spit water on your friends while
        > singing (Sea Dogs).<br> 31. You're about to do laundry,
        > and you wonder where the washer women are.<br> 32.
        > You have a miniature Green Man in your garden.<br>
        > 33. You say, "Gramarcy" instead of thanks.<br> 34.
        > You see someone walking down the street in a kilt at
        > rush hour, and don't even glance at him.<br> 35. You
        > go to the coffee shop and order chai.<br> 36. You
        > see someone with a knife and all you can think is,
        > "Why isn't that tied in?"<br> 37. You think of sheep
        > as a *common* household pet. (or girlfriend in the
        > case of Scots :)<br> 38. You need a fix... of fire
        > retardant.<br> 39. You get an incredible urge to wrap your
        > sneakers in burlap.<br> 40. You try to unbutton your
        > pouch... and your not wearing one.<br> 41. You put your
        > belt on the middle of your stomach.<br> 42. You bring
        > your own tankard to Carls Jr.<br> 43. You wonder why
        > your fork has four prongs.<br> 44. Someone asks you to
        > read something to them and you play illiterate without
        > thinking.<br> 45. Someone asks you the time and you look at the
        > sun.<br> 46. Someone asks what you do for a living and you
        > tell them your a goat herder.<br> 47. You sign your
        > faire name on checks.<br><br>View the rest
        > at....<br><a
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