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BCRF Newsletter #26

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  • Christina
    Charity and Cobbs has had their adventure to New Orleans and are now back and swamped! Finally the opportunity to send out another newsletter has been
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2010
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      Charity and Cobbs has had their adventure to New Orleans and are now back and swamped! Finally the opportunity to send out another newsletter has been presented. So with Pubsing songs playing in the background and a tired keyboard keeping up with the typing pace, may we present Newsletter #26

      Please note the property we are using is:
      24550 72nd Ave., Langley, B.C. Canada
      And our dates remain unchanged and are still:
      July 16, 17 & 18, 2010

      Once again, due to the structure of the property, there will be no on site camping. The page has all the local areas and locations that are in a quick ride of the site. The local campground warns us that they do fill fast that time of year so book your spots ASAP.
      The bus is still a goal of ours. We'll keep you all up to date on that.

      Please check the webpage for further info. We have a new webmaster and she will be slowly cleaning up links and info as she can. If you see something 'off' please feel free to let her know at: webpage@...

      With a different property there will be a bit of a different layout. There is still some spots left in the village for new vendors and some time spots for stage shows. We know the change in property may have confused a few of you but rest assured we are staying here. There were issues with the previous location and this one is going to work out much better.

      Vendors please contact: vendors@...
      And stage performers please contact: entertainment@...

      Snatch the spots before they're gone.

      BCRF will be active in the public once more. Come see us walk in the following parades:

      Cloverdale - May 22

      May Day/ Victoria Day Parade - May 24

      Hyack Festival - May 29

      Langley Community Days - June 18

      Steveston Salmon Fest - July 1

      And we will be at BC Titans 'pre game festival' at the Langley Events Centre May 15, June 12 and June 26
      From what we are told the BC Titans games will have a pre festival that happens for the 2 hours before the games. We will have a table with video, photos and at least one 'rep' to ask any questions you may have or to simply say hello.

      New flyer and poster can be found via:

      We continue to have requests for weddings and parties as well as invites to take part in other events, so who knows what is in store for us in the near future. We shall keep you up to date on the appearances that are public. If you'd like a character to be at an event or function please see our 3 fold pamphlet at:

      Like any volunteer driven project, every year a percentage of our volunteers go on to other projects or are pulled elsewhere. Sometimes they have to leave us and sometimes they cut their volunteer hours back. Either way we are always looking for new people to try their hand at being part of the Renfest. Please feel free to send an email to staff@... and Janis will make sure you are directed to the right department.

      A call to the public and our fans: If there is someone we haven't had in the past yet or if there was a stage performer or vendor that you really liked, let us know. Remember: Vendors come if they feel they can make their space work for them so if we know who you want and who you'd like to give your business to we'll let them know how much they are loved when we contact them. Our stage performers are all volunteer and pass the hat or sell their CDs or other items. If they know you love them and will support them we will inform them of that and we'll make sure they feel welcomed. The team has their favourites but we'd love to know who yours are.

      Ensemble cast and villagers are picked based on audition results and their ability to co-exist with fellow cast and villagers. We can still use a few villagers, and one of the Jade Dragon Pirates has had to dedicate his time to his family so we may be looking for a new pirate. He is not completely gone (he will still do things like Hallowe'en and the odd gigs as well as helping with set up etc - but can't dedicate time to rehearsals) so if we do add to the crew the new character will not be a full replacement but an addition and a replacement in this year's script. Again. If there is interest please let us know either through casting@... or staff@...
      The new cast will go up ASAP as well as pub sing words, so that those of you with kids can decide if you will allow your child to the pubsing. Once more the pubsing has the last scene but it is a wrapup scene and can be missed if you find the words to some of the songs not right for your child's ears. We have toned down the words as far as we can and we feel obligated to let parents know what they will hear that night. Hang on folks. They're coming soon.

      We have had requests for autographs and we have sent out a few. Please feel free to send fan mail or autograph requests to: casting@...
      We are happy to say that the King and Queen have agreed to return (as well as Lady Lily and The Sheriff) and Cobbs, Charity, Firth and Clam will be causing trouble once more as the Crew Of The Jade Dragon pushes their luck with their new 'Privateer status'.

      We are still putting a call out to all who have shot video and/or took photos. We would love to get copies of your images for promo use and to provide to the performers who volunteered their time and energy. If you have video or photos please let us know via: info@... Make sure you let us know what your credit needs to read and that your photos are full size and your video is in a usable format. Formats like QuickTime set to the highest quality is fine as most of our performers (as well as ourselves) edit the video to go up on YouTube or MySpace. The highest quality you can get will also make it usable on Television screens and therefore a nice piece of promo. We are also asking people to keep their eyes open for copies of any of the papers we did interviews with and/or footage of newscasts and/or BTV on City.

      The Jade Dragon and the Village of Steller's Grove have their own web addresses. The Jade Dragon crew can be found through:
      And the village has it's own domain at: http://www.stellersgrove.com
      They both forward to myspaces right now but keep checking in and see what develops.
      If you'd like to get the crew of the Jade Dragon out for a gig or simply say hi you can send an email to: info@...

      Feel free to keep in touch with our members/actors/performers/organisers. Christina Twitters ( http://www.twitter.com/carrhunger ) as do many of the team. More Twits: Ed Appleby (our Cobbs and online comic strip artist - edappleby), Shannon (Our handmaiden - Shannoon). Many of us also have Myspaces and Facebooks so feel free to do name searches on the cast. Christina has her own YouTube ( http://www.youtbe.com/carrhunger ) with the older videos for BCRF. It is easy to find Christina on Facebook and Myspace (carrhunger) and friend her as well as send a message asking who else you can connect to. Make sure, when connecting to those connected to us (including us) that you write a message to tell us who you are. Many of the group don't approve a request unless they know why you are making a friend request.
      The most recent BCRF video uploaded on Christina's youtube was the group of us blowing up the BCRF gingerbread house a la Mythbusters.

      Videos are always being added to the BCRF youtube page so if you want to check it out please visit: http://www.youtube.com/bcrenfest

      Our myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/bcrenfest has many of our performers and command team in the friends section.
      And the Facebook for BCRF is:

      For the 2010 Renfest we are hoping to bring back the bus. Between costs and finding a driver with the right license, the bus had failed for 2009. Sorry folks. We tried. We are keeping our eyes open for all possibilities for 2010.

      Thank you to all who have sent emails to us telling us what services they do use. Do continue to send those emails to info@... so we can use them to find more support and access to certain services.

      Is there is a free listing on the net or in a publication that we haven't found yet and had ourselves listed? Does a listing on a page look like it wasn't posted by us and the info is questionable or different from our webpage? Please feel free to let us know so that we can post or correct the posting. Please send an email to:
      and we'll post and/or correct the listing. Please include BCRF in the title.
      If you've found us on the net please let us know where you have found us so we can visit the page as well.

      Do you have spare fabric, paint, wood and various items we could use to help create the site, banners and costumes? Do you want to find a home for that extra yardage of fabric that you don't know why someone gave it to you, that sheet that doesn't match the décor, the left over half gallon of paint you used for the bedroom. Donate it to us. An email to: info@... may just remedy some of your clutter. Remember.. Add BCRF to your title and it won't get tossed in the spam trash.

      Until next time.
      Live the Revelry
      Café press stores:
      Pirate theme: http://www.cafepress.com/bctlap
      BCRF crest: http://www.cafepress.com/bcrf
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