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  • crowhaven66
    any-one going to the fest.we re going again this weekend,it ll be over before you know.it s the last fest of the millenium.let s make-merry like it s 999!
    Message 1 of 1496 , Oct 1, 1999
      any-one going to the fest.we're going again this weekend,it'll be over before you know.it's the last fest of the millenium.let's make-merry like it's 999!
    • Steve
      Have you got a link to the rest of this (below) you know you ve been joke. The original link in the post is not valid anymore. If anyone has the full list, I
      Message 1496 of 1496 , Jul 15, 2003
        Have you got a link to the rest of this (below) "you know you've
        been" joke. The original link in the post is not valid anymore.
        If anyone has the full list, I would like to read it.


        original message #793
        --- In renaissancefun@yahoogroups.com, mtnelk wrote:
        > You Know You've Been<br> Working Faire Too Long
        > When:<br><br><br> By Lance Druger (AKA Singer)<br><br> 1. You go to
        > a baseball game and you wonder why the players are
        > running the wrong way.<br> 2. You go to an expensive
        > French restaurant and ask where the privy is.<br> 3.
        > You're surprised when your boogers aren't black.<br> 4.
        > You give an important speech to the heads of major
        > computer companies... in Basic Faire Accent.<br> 5. You're
        > shopping and you ask, "How many pence is this sir?"<br> 6.
        > You get in an argument and you yell, "A pox on
        > thee!"<br> 7. You think it's good table manners to belch
        > loudly.<br> 8. You think of dirt as one of the basic food
        > groups. Or at least an essential flavoring
        > ingredient.<br> 9. You look at your friends new dog and wonder
        > how long it should be cooked.<br> 10. You wonder why
        > people wearing shorts aren't being snubbed.<br> 11. You
        > see a girl with her hair down and think, "That cheap
        > ..."<br> 12. You don't mind going for two days without a
        > shower.<br> 13. Someone asks you what you think of their new
        > hat and you say, "It's nice dear, but it's not quite
        > period."<br> 14. For "political affiliation" on the ballots
        > you put the name of your guild.<br> 15. You forget
        > how to flush.<br> 16. You greet the privy monster
        > when you go to the bathroom.<br> 17. You think of
        > Denny's as fine dining.<br> 18. You think the bathroom at
        > McDonalds is clean.<br> 19. You feel uncomfortable out of a
        > bodice.<br> 20. You can't shake hands without grabbing the
        > other persons wrist.<br> 21. You get mugged and tell
        > the mugger his cheap Paki dagger is going to
        > rust.<br> 22. You call sunscreen "magic potion".<br> 23.
        > You can't remember what a synthesizer sounds
        > like.<br> 24. All your favorite songs work as a round.<br>
        > 25. You can't remember how to use a microwave.<br>
        > 26. You go to work and suddenly get this irrational
        > fear that you forgot to take your tent down (at many
        > faires you have to drop the tents during the<br>
        > day).<br> 27. You don't know any of the songs on the
        > radio.<br> 28. You only know your best friends faire
        > name.<br> 29. You meet someone at a party and start the
        > conversation by asking, "What guild are you in?"<br> 30. You
        > think it's O.K. to spit water on your friends while
        > singing (Sea Dogs).<br> 31. You're about to do laundry,
        > and you wonder where the washer women are.<br> 32.
        > You have a miniature Green Man in your garden.<br>
        > 33. You say, "Gramarcy" instead of thanks.<br> 34.
        > You see someone walking down the street in a kilt at
        > rush hour, and don't even glance at him.<br> 35. You
        > go to the coffee shop and order chai.<br> 36. You
        > see someone with a knife and all you can think is,
        > "Why isn't that tied in?"<br> 37. You think of sheep
        > as a *common* household pet. (or girlfriend in the
        > case of Scots :)<br> 38. You need a fix... of fire
        > retardant.<br> 39. You get an incredible urge to wrap your
        > sneakers in burlap.<br> 40. You try to unbutton your
        > pouch... and your not wearing one.<br> 41. You put your
        > belt on the middle of your stomach.<br> 42. You bring
        > your own tankard to Carls Jr.<br> 43. You wonder why
        > your fork has four prongs.<br> 44. Someone asks you to
        > read something to them and you play illiterate without
        > thinking.<br> 45. Someone asks you the time and you look at the
        > sun.<br> 46. Someone asks what you do for a living and you
        > tell them your a goat herder.<br> 47. You sign your
        > faire name on checks.<br><br>View the rest
        > at....<br><a
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