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Approaching God (Mormonism - D&C 121:34-46 & King Follett Discourse)

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    Subject: Re: [shulemna] Priesthood & stuff (was: Mom Eve-Ross LeBaron Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 21:49:46 PST ... as ... I suspect that PH is a LOT like spirit,
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      Subject: Re: [shulemna] Priesthood & stuff (was: Mom Eve-Ross LeBaron
      Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 21:49:46 PST

      >From: (Randall D Shortridge)

      >I have been asking for a long time what priesthood is. Some say that

      >We have it naturally, others that it has to be bestowed. I thought

      >that it goes much beyond "the authority to act in the name of God"

      >the LDS position. As Eve points out, there are those who claim the

      >proper line of authority, but the fruits aren't there.



      >It made more sense that priesthood is more that something that is




      I suspect that PH is a LOT like spirit, truth, light, intelligence,
      etc... They ALL are descriptions of the same EXACT thing. We've been
      given the 'complex set of attributes' in the separate, singular forms
      so we might understand the detailed nature of Godliness. If we say
      light, then we are also speaking of truth. If we say truth, then we
      are also speaking of spirit, etc.... D&C 84:45.

      The pure love of Christ and Charity are the same thing; The nature
      (mysteries) of Godliness contains the EXACT same attributes as
      Charity; Priesthood has the EXACT same attributes as Charity; The
      Powers of Heaven are inseparably connected to the rights of the PH.

      Why ? Because they are ALL describing the SAME EXACT thing.

      We are taught the individual attribute in hopes we will become
      congruent to ALL of them. If we can accomplish this, then we BEcome
      even as God is for we are like Him. We see Him as He really is, and
      KNOW even as we are known.

      If one wants PH, they can have it. They will lose it as soon as they
      behave incongruently; not because Father takes it away, but because
      FALL away from it.

      Family requires no 'Priesthood' because it is the epitome of service
      unto others. In family this goes on automatically, but outside the
      family, it is necessary to be 'elected/called/chosen' as a
      representative of the entire family; for those who have no Family
      needs be served that they might come to an understanding they once
      were part of the Family, and choose to come home in glory.

      The title, 'God', is only a title of those who are a part of the

      'Priesthood' is only the title of POWER inherent in ALL of us as part
      of the family, but is USED outside the family in order to cause the
      family to BEcome whole again-- conversion to the gospel to enter back
      into the Royal Family-- hence, the 'new and everlasting covenant' IS
      the EXACT same thing as entering into Father's 'REST'; The 'WORK' of
      the Son is the WORK of My Father: To bring to pass the immortality of
      Father's children so that they may procreate AS Gods, and ALL may
      eternal life, for IN THEE (that is, in thy PH) and IN THY SEED (that
      is, the literal seed of the body) is THE WORK/REST of the Father
      advanced so ALL His children may advance unto Godhood, as well as
      escape the Fall from the Family.

      I'm still working at becoming eloquent at speaking these
      understandings without convoluting them, but sufficeth it to say I
      have managed to sprawl it out on the floor to see.

      Blayne once said (more than once) that we couldn't build Zion because
      we don't comprehend what Zion was REALLY like-- that Zion was a NEW
      and glorious thing. I told him we DO understand what Zion was like,
      just had to look in the right spots for we had been commanded to
      into it, therefore there MUST be a way prepared. Then, I saw Zion
      EVERYWHERE in the sticks, but it wasn't clear until I was ready to

      Loriann has said we don't know what the work of the Father is, but we
      anxiously await such a NEW and glorious thing. Father's work is no
      less than the work of the Son, for He told us plainly that He was
      doing the work of His Father-- Hence, the NEW and everlasting

      In all cases, the NEW thing looked forward too has already been
      "Moses plainly taught it to the children of Israel while in the
      wilderness." though it has existed even since Adam until now. It has
      not been piecemealed to us by degrees. Indeed the fullness of the
      Gospel exists even if we are just awakening to its presence before
      It has never gone away, we have just rejected it even as ancient
      Israel did.

      The PH and the nature of Godliness is treated EXACTLY the same. We
      look past the mark thinking it is something WE have never considered.
      We have considered it; we've gathered here FOR it; we comprehend it
      some degree that we can espouse it; we are capable of accomplishing
      it; we have the KNOWLEDGE of the commandments to fulfill it both
      temporally as well as spiritually.

      Yes, PH is a many facetted thing, but since we understand all the
      other attributes by other names (that ARE the same as PH), then we
      need only to realize (and believe) that these 'other things' are
      indeed a separate description the EXACT SAME thing be it called PH,
      Godliness, Charity, the Pure Love of Christ, etc....

      "By their fruits ye shall know them."

      "The fruits of the spirit are (insert attributes of charity)"

      "The powers of Heaven are INSEPARABLY CONNECTED with the rights of

      "The Kingdom of HEAVEN is within."

      "Those who receive this PH were fore-ordained unto it."

      "Whoever enter into the first PH, MUST enter into the High PH

      "Chose this day whom ye shall serve..."

      "Ye can not serve two masters...."

      The 'fruits' ARE the attributes.....not the ones we show the world,
      but the deep dark secret attributes we are married to. They are what
      we are, and shall ever remain, unless we change (repent). Divorce
      Babylon within, and escape to Zion.

      Out of the complex set of attributes of Charity did Christ operate;
      by the power of the PH did Christ operate. The PH is even CALLED
      'the Holy Order after the Son of God'; and He said Charity NEVER
      faileth. WHY ? (D&C 121:41-end) Because Charity is EXACTLY AS THE PH;
      "It had no beginning of days, nor end of years. It had no mother nor
      father for it is endless."


      FOR YOUR OWN SAKES PEOPLE-- YE ARE GODS. You just need to incarnate
      all the attributes (the ones deep inside) to be at a level where your
      will and Father's will are ONE so you can CLAIM your rightful
      inheritance as part of the Family as a God. This MUST be done
      spiritually as well as temporally for one without the other is
      incongruence, and fails to fulfill all righteousness.

      What we develop here, now, IS what we shall remain. Becoming Gods NOW
      is how we fulfill the measure of our creation that we shall carry it
      into the eternities "...never more to go out." IOW, doing it 'later'
      is a Luciferian lie meant to slack up on being diligent in seeking
      after the Kingdom of Heaven while we have been given the chance.

      You want to understand the translation/DNA/Adamic coding answer ????

      Fine. Ask Absalom, he knows. He will tell you-- "Just BE the God you
      already are, and the 'how tos' will FLOW to your understanding

      BE a God, and the body WILL follow, and the knowledge about 'how to
      it' will be at your feet.

      Where did this come from ?? Father. How can I say Father ? Because I
      can TASTE it; I can FEEL it; I can apprehend it in my mind; my heart
      is being testified to of its place in my life. Yes. I see it. I
      REMEMBER it.

      If it makes no sense to anyone, I pray it might be shed forth to you
      as it is to me now. How wonderful and glorious it is to feast once
      again. I miss Father so much, I miss the peace & joy so much. It has
      seemed like so long ago, but it was just a moment ago we all came
      together to help each other come home.

      I could never doubt the sending of one ministering angel, who's name
      here is known as Mohonri, who was sent to teach me one single thing
      about WHAT the PH is. I hope I just returned the promise.

      You are ALL my ministering angels. I love you for all the growth you
      allow me, and the liberalness of your paradigms to include things I
      myself am sometimes stubborn to acknowledge. Forgive me for my
      hardheadedness. I hope Laneshine reads this.

      Eleazar ? Are you still awake ? I know I lost Ballater a long time
      ago, but to sum it up-- the PH is the exact same thing as ANYTHING
      else that contains the same attributes. I hope I've pointed out
      of the things with the same attributes to get you feeling/thinking
      hard. ; ]

      Peace & Love,

      visit ZionOsphere and escape Babylon


      "Gather to Zion and care for one another, or DIE."

      -- Jahnihah paraphrasing about 4 bazillion verses in Holy Writ.

    • reluctant_messenger
      Revelation 1:6 To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father--to him
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 11, 2002
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        Revelation 1:6 To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by
        his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his
        God and Father--to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen.

        Revelation 20:6 Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first
        resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will
        be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a
        thousand years.
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